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Health Insurance Regulations

Compulsory Insurance

As stated in § 5 Abs. 1 no. 9 of social security code, students at colleges recognised by the state must be covered by a health insurance until completion of their 14th semester or until they are 30 years of age. If certain requirements are met, students can be exempt from charges with a family insurance until their 25th birthday. This period is extended for those who have carried out a federal volunteer service.
If conditions applying to the study programme or personal/family issues warrant an extension of these time limits, the insurance remains compulsory for the extra time, therefore the student is still insured and the reduced student insurance rates apply.  
Students whose family insurance ends during the semester are henceforth obliged to be insured as students. Student insurance ends one month after the last semester they were registered for is over, or when they leave university, whichever comes sooner.
For instance, if a student turns 30 during his eighth semester, his/her student insurance will remain valid until one month after the end of that semester.

No registration without proof of insurance

All applicants must contact their health insurance company to obtain proof of insurance before registering.

The document given by the company provides proof that the student
•    is liable to insurance deductions upon registering at the university and that he/she fulfills all social security obligations or
•    that he/she is exempt from the obligations as a student.