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Student Projects

In the “project work” module, HfTL students gain important project management and teamwork skills while dealing with intriguing problems.

Mobile Marketing for Vita 34 AG

Vita 34 Storyboard

Business Information Systems students from all semesters participated in this project supervised by Daniel Vetter (Vita 34) and Prof. Dr. Christiane Springer (HfTL) to design a calendar app.
Studies have shown that mobile marketing has great business potential and that marketing strategies of the future will be based on interactive dialogue. For many businesses, however, the rapid development of the ICT industry poses new knowledge management challenges. They require streamlined, business-specific transfer technology in order to be able to quickly implement tools and solutions in response to current problems on the mobile market. This is why groups of business information systems students at the HfTL spend one semester analysing the current situations of businesses to come up with suggestions for long-term improvements.
The objective of this particular project was to develop a calendar app for pregnant women for Vita 34 AG, the the oldest and most experienced cord blood bank in the German-speaking region. Claudia Nystad, Xiaoying Liu, Alexander Hergarten, and Felix Deistler have developed a dual concept which allows synchronisation between couples. If for instance, an expectant mother were to add an appointment to her calendar, it would automatically also be added to the father’s calendar. Further useful app functions such as “MamaMaps” and “Bag Check” were created by the team with Eva Brödel, Florian Klenner, Andreas Lange, and Benjamin Starke. The former gives the user information about relevant locations and GPRS search options while the latter conveniently reminds the user about which important items pregnant women need to bring to the hospital.
Vita 34 AG was impressed with the results. HfTL professor Christiane Springer concludes: “Real-life, problem-oriented learning scenarios such as this one motivate students of business information systems to analyse realistic examples of business situations and to do the research necessary to develop an application.” Vita 34 IT manager Daniel Vetter is also pleased with the project: “Thanks to the creative and professional work by students at the HfTL, we at Vita 34 now have a very solid mobile marketing foundation to work from.”
Vita 34 was founded in Leipzig in 1997 and is the oldest and largest cord blood bank in Germany. The company holds approx. 90,000 cord blood systems in its storage systems. Current research priorities at Vita 34 are stem cell aging, multiplication, and reprogramming, as well as creating and preparing stem cell products for new therapies for type 1 diabetes, brain damage, and heart disease.

Business Information Systems – Student Projects 2012/2013

This year’s student project videos focus on project management, virtual learning environments, and different working environments.

HfTL E-learning Channel Project

The students started off their project video by presenting the new design of the HfTL Youtube channel.
They then showed several scenes from their educational video about business administration, which explains and illustrates various business principles. The videos serve to increase their YouTube channel popularity.

The Video

Working Environments Project

Because of the shift from a manufacturing to a service economy, the labour market has to adapt to the needs of workers. This is vital to ensuring there are always enough qualified workers available.
One especially attractive solution is the principle of flexible working arrangements. Employees are able to decide themselves when and where they work, therefore taking on full responsibility for organising themselves. The success of flexible working models depends heavily on the worker’s personality, meaning his/her willingness, motivation, self-discipline, and working methods. Further important aspects include organisational skills, self-motivation, time management skills, and goal orientation.
When employees do not fulfil these criteria, their work can be inefficient and their workload can become a burden.

The Video

Take this test to find out which type of worker you are.

The Test

Project Management Rules

Anyone who has been part of a project knows about disputes over responsibilities, extra work, and shortage of resources. When project team members are overburdened, this often results in mistakes, delays, and other problems.
In these three movies, students show how resources are allocated to different tasks according to their priority.
They demonstrate how to best manage delays and early completions and how to stagger projects to avoid negative outcomes.

The Video

For more information on project management, go to the project group’s homepage at: