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Get ready for your overseas adventure!

There are various sponsor programmes to help you finance studying or doing an internship abroad. However, there is more to organising a trip abroad as part of your degree than just financial considerations. 

First, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to study abroad, i.e. complete study modules at a partner institute, or would you rather work on a project, write an academic thesis, or do an internship (while writing a thesis)?
  • What language skills do you have?
  • Which countries would you consider traveling to?
  • When and for how long do you want to go abroad (during your master’s programme/bachelor’s programme/after graduating)?

Don’t forget to:

  • start your preparations on time, i.e. at least a year before you plan to start your trip.
  • gather information, especially about costs and financial options.
  • use the time before the trip to hone your language skills.
  • plan enough time and perservere in your preparations.