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Here you can find everything you need for your stay abroad, whether you are looking for a language study travel, a language course in Germany, or an internship with a foreign company.

Language Teaching Centre

The Language Teaching Centre (LTC) is an international language school which was founded in 1996. It is located in Cape Town, South Africa and offers English as well as internationally recognised foreign language courses with certification, with friendly staff and a comfortable learning environment. For more information, go to:


Tandem Language Learning

This is a language learning method where two people with different native languages get together to practice, helping each other understand their language and culture.
The website www.uni-leipzig.de/sprachenzentrum allows those interested in tandem language learning to find partners or place their own want ads.
If you have any questions, please contact the tandem office:
Tandembüro im Sprachenzentrum/ Krochhochhaus
Eva Hänel & Nastasja Bär
Goethestr. 2 Raum 905 (9. Etage)
04109 Leipzig
Tel: (0341) 97 30 277
Fax: (0341) 97 30 299
Email: tandem@uni-leipzig.de