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Undergraduate Practical Semesters

All bachelor’s students must do their practical semester in their 6th semester.

The purpose of the practical semester is getting to know the various potential working areas after graduating.

At the same time, students should use this time to further the knowledge and hone the skills they have acquired during their studies and further the social skills needed in engineering work.

At the end of the 4th semester all students receive comprehensive information on preparing their practical semester as well as support and consultation on finding a suitable position.

Graduate Practical Semesters

In the “project work” module, master’s students in information and communication technology develop their skills, learn to identify problems and come up with solutions.

Furthermore, students learn how to structure projects by using analysis and problem-solving methods and co-operating in teams.

Professional project work skills are also taught and trained in teams. Key aspects include problem-solving difficulties, technological and economic barriers in problem-solving, and the development of implementation methods.