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Dates and Deadlines

Here you can find all the dates which are relevant to studying at the HfTL.

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Practical Semesters

Click here to find information on the project module in the undergraduate programmes and the “project work” module in the graduate programmes.

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Guide to Writing Academic Theses

Academic theses are a major challenge for all students, requiring much time and concentration. By following this guide, you will be well on the way to getting a good score.

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Having exam issues?

Here you will find answers to questions to do with exams at the HfTL, e.g. registration, evaluation, and and re re-takes.  This site also has the examination regulations for all programmes.

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Do it online with the QIS portal

QIS* is a web portal which allows HfTL students to take care of things such as re-registration, changing your personal details, printing of certificates, registering for exams, and creating timetables online.
To help you get started, we have created quick-start guides for you to download.

*QIS is a German acronym which stands for the improvement of web-based administration quality using self-service technologies

Guaranteeing High-quality Programmes

In order to ensure that the programmes` quality and good scientific practise are upheld, the rules of procedure have been made publicly accessible.