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The HfTL Career Services

Preparing your Future

The HfTL’s career services department is the link between the university and business, helping students get ready for their careers and find potential jobs while they are still studying

Jumpstart Your Career with Career Services

The career services department continuously offers seminars about various topics related to career entry after graduating. Job interviews are especially challenging situations, comparable only to exams. Applicants must be able to recognise questions aimed at finding out what their personal weaknesses are, to successfully present their skills, and to appear professional and self-confident. This means that self-presentation skills are becoming increasingly important.

The current seminars on self-presentation for students are being held by Ulrike Planert, head of the career services department.
The seminar’s popularity confirms the need for these services.
Students work in small groups, coming up with individual presentations which are then presented to the class. This allows students to develop their presentation skills, to identify weaknesses together with other students, and to learn to deal with stage fright.
Time management is another important aspect in preparing and delivering a presentation, as is the ability to recognise personal strengths and weaknesses and to use this knowledge to improve the presentation.
Ulrike Planert believes that thoroughly preparing for a presentation is essential to its success. Her advice for participants: “Imagine what your future employer is looking for and what he expects, and then make sure your presentation reflects those things”.
Many students greatly appreciate the fact that career services focus on practical exercises and role playing games instead of dull theory, therefore providing a more realistic simulation of this sometimes rather difficult situation.

Ulrike Planert: Committed to Your Career

Ulrike Planert, who has a degree in business administration, was appointed head of the career services department at the beginning of the winter semester 2009/2010.

The new way the department is structured, the services it offers, and the partnerships with IT and ICT businesses allow students to start their careers without delay either after obtaining their degrees or while they are still studying.

Mrs Planert is an expert HR development and coaching. After graduating with a business degree, she was employed in various positions at several Deutsche Telekom sites, where she gained comprehensive knowledge and experience as an HR and HR development manager.

Most recently, she was in charge of supervising and training managers in courses certified by the chamber of commerce. She also took part in personnel selection processes at assessment centres.
True to her motto of helping people develop professionally and taking on a solution-oriented attitude, she took an EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) course this year to become a business performance coach, which will allows her to further assist managers and students in developing their skills.