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The EMC Centre Research Cooperation

Messaufbau in der EMV-Kammer der HfTL
Messaufbau in der EMV-Kammer der HfTL

Measurement setup in the EMC chamber at the HfTLOne year has passed since the EMC Centre Leipzig was founded as part of the Research and Transfer Centre (FTZ) in a joint research project between the HfTL and the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK). Successful research has been conducted in the labs of both institutes ever since. The main objective is to consult and support regional SMEs regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) during the development of components, appliances, and products Previously, a study had been carried out to investigate the demand for EMC services, which was supported by the Leipzig Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer and the IHK (chamber of industry and commerce) Leipzig. Pooling the EMC know-how of both universities, the researchers created a catalogue of potential EMC tests. In accordance with the results of this project conception phase, the EMC centre’s services focus mainly on:  -       EMC pre-compliance testing-       seminars and further training courses-       industrial R&D projects and contract research. Measurement services for product development stands out as an area which has quickly led to visibly close cooperation with regional companies. Legal regulations specify emissions and environmental standards which must be met when selling and operating a component or product. EMC testing during the development process has therefore proven to be very beneficial, as expensive and time-consuming adjustments later on can be avoided. This advantage is often emphasised by certified EMC labs, who point out that about half of all newly developed products only pass the EMC tests on their second or even third attempt. The practical work at the EMC Centre Leipzig has shown that, although pre-compliance testing cannot replace the required certified EMC test for certain applications, the scientific/technical know-how and sophisticated testing equipment at both universities will ensure a successful cooperation with regional partners.

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