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"Leipzig's the place for me
'Tis quite a little Paris; people there Acquire a certain easy finish'd air."

Over 200 years ago, the famous German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe flattered Leipzig with these words in Faust. The compliments still apply today: Leipzig has a lot to offer culturally, but also features an exciting scientific and industrial landscape. Eight local universities make it a very attractive place for students. We have collected information and visual material to allow you to get a first impression of Leipzig before coming here. You can also download the Leipzig Tourism and Marketing image brochure. But in the end, Leipzig really is a place you have to see for yourself!

Leipzig Image Brochure

Leipzig Travel

Living in Leipzig

Finding a room in Leipzig is easy. Abundant housing at affordable prices makes the city a student’s paradise.

Living in Leipzig

Culture and Entertainment

It’s hard to run out of things to do in Leipzig. With the wide range of cultural and leisure activities available, there is always something for everyone and every occasion.

Culture and Entertainment

Science, Industry, and Commerce

Another good reason for studying in Leipzig is its reputation as a hub for innovations in science and business.  The numerous renowned companies located in Leipzig offer great career prospects after graduation.

Science , Industry, and Commerce in Leipzig

Virtual Tour of Leipzig

Historic: The Old Town Hall Classical music in the open air ... enjoy ... or at the Leipzig Opera Starting point for the Monday demonstrations: The Church of St. Nicholas History  Commemorate the peaceful revolution of 1989: The Festival of Lights Museum