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Full-Time Programs, Co-operative Programs or Extra-occupational Programs - you have the choice

Full-Time Programs

Our full-time programs are perfect for those who feel ready to tackle the world of telecommunications head-on and get a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics, Information and Communication Technology, or Computer Science and Telecommunications. If your goal is to gain advanced knowledge and skills, we offer a Master’s program in Information and Communication Technology. No matter which program you choose, studying at the HfTL is guaranteed to be an exciting experience with lots of practical training.

Co-operative Programs

Our co-operative programs are aimed at students who want to apply their theoretical knowledge to the real world while still in training. You can get a bachelor’s degree in Business Informatics or Computer Science and Telecommunications while working for the Deutsche Telekom AG.
You can then complete your set of skills by following up with one of our part-time programs.
All co-operative programs are well-balanced combinations of compulsory attendance at the university and time spent in the companies.

Extra-occupational Programs

Studying on a extra-occupational basis means you will only have to be physically present at the university during so-called attendance periods. A large portion of the required credits can be earned at home. These programs, which are sponsored by the Deutsche Telekom’ Bologna@Telekom initiative, allow for a great deal of flexibilityin choosing the time and place for learning.
The courses consist of lectures, seminars, lab sessions, and teletutorials.
Extra-occupational programs are subject to a tuition fee.