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Financing Your Degree

Students still have bills to pay. Accommodation, food, and textbooks all cost money. Here are some suggestions to help take away some of the financial burden.

Apply for BAföG

BAföG is a financial aid scheme for students which, as a student at the HfTL, you may be eligible for. Eligibility depends on the applicant’s and his/her parents’ current assets and income. We recommend individual consultations before applying.

BAföG Office Leipzig

Apply For a Student Loan

The government offers student loans with monthly payments of 100, 200, or 300 Euros. These are granted regardless of parental income. They can be combined with other support schemes, e.g. BAföG.

Federal Student Loans

Apply For a Scholarship

Scholarships are granted by organisations which promote talented young people, but also by companies, churches, political parties, etc. Depending on the specific case, you may have to provide proof of your talent or show that you contribute to society (e.g. by volunteer work). Some scholarships are also granted based on where or what you are studying. For details, consult the “Stipendienlotse” (scholarship guide, available in German only).

Der Stipendienlotse

Student Jobs

If you have enough free time, you may be able to study and work a student job at the same time. Suitable options are, for example, so-called minijobs or short-term employment during the semester breaks. Be sure to check whether the money you earn affects other sources of income, such as grants or scholarships.

Student Jobs – More Information