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Six good reasons for studying at the HfT Leipzig

Our university has a lot to offer to allow you to successfully get a degree. Below we have listed the six best reasons to start studying at the HfTL.

1. Individuality and flexibility

Full-time studies aren’t the only way to get a degree at the HfTL. You also have the option of studying part-time or starting a co-op programme with the Deutsche Telekom, allowing you to tailor your studies to your needs.

2. Broaden your horizons

We will assist you in planning your lectures, internships, and writing your thesis abroad, e.g. at one of our international partner universities. You will benefit from the experience you gain – on a personal as well as on a professional level.

3. Teamwork

While studying, you will have the opportunity of working on exciting research projects together with our partners from the Deutsche Telekom and other companies. This means you’ll be able to gain knowledge and make new contacts for your future career.

4. Explore the campus

Whether you’re trying to find the lecture hall, the library or the cafeteria, getting from A to B on our Leipzig campus is quick and easy. The friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to study as well as take a break.

5. Advancing society

Whether you want to work for the Deutsche Telekom or another company, a degree from the HfTL will greatly increase your chances of finding a job, and therefore help you with your first step towards shaping the future with the knowledge and skills you have gained.

6. Living in Leipzig

Living in Leipzig is fun AND cheap – a great place to be studying!