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Welcome to the HfT Leipzig!

In this section of our website, you can find information on studying at the HfTL and the application procedure. We are looking forward to seeing you on-campus soon!

Application procedure for foreign applicants

Application form for students from our partner universities

General Infosheet on the HfTL

Health insurance in Germany

A valid health insurace policy is a requirement for studying in Germany.
You can find more information related to this topic under the following links:

German Academic Exchange Service on Health Insurance

The Health Insurance System in Germany (multilingual)

Getting a good start at the HfT Leipzig

If you have been accepted to the university, you will not have to wait until registration day to get to know us. Every year, we organise an intensive 3-week German language and culture course for all new international students, which takes place before the beginning of the winter semester.
The course objective is to improve German skills and teach IT and telecommunications terminology. You will receive more detailed information about the university and learn about on cultural, political, social, and economic aspects of Leipzig and Germany. You will have the opportunity of visiting historically significant sites in Leipzig, such as the Monument to the Battle of the Nations (Völkerschlachtdenkmal) and the St. Thomas Church. There will also be day trips to Dresden, Berlin, and Munich.
We also regularly offer specialised training and language workshops throughout the semester.