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Telecommunications Means Diversity:
The HfTL Institutes

Telecommunications is a vast, diverse field that is having a tremendous impact on our society. It’s all about the latest technology, cutting-edge projects, and global networks. It also defines our everyday lives – imagine what life would be like today without mobile phones or the Internet.
Our various institutes focus research and education of the different aspects of telecommunications.

Close Cooperation between All HfTL Departments and Institutes

Thanks to the fact that all departments and institutes at the HfTL work closely together, students have many diverse opportunities of working on challenging projects. At the same time, the cooperation allows for fine-tuning of the curricula and learning goals in the individual programmes. By creating these departments and institutes, the HfTL is adopting the approach promoted by the Bologna process and is greatly enhancing the quality of education and research at the university. We therefore help the students by guaranteeing high scientific standards in teaching and research.