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The HfTL Examination Office

The examination office is located in rooms A 0.52 and A 0.53. All academic processes at the HfT Leipzig are managed from here. Staff members give general advice on the study programmes, publish up-to-date information, and provide assistance with the application process.

Profilbild von Anke Olsen
Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Anke Olsen

  • Head of the examination office
  • Manages course timetables and exam schedules                        
  • General course guidance
  • Processes application documents
  • Sends out acceptance letters
  • Enrolment procedures
  • Assists the examination board
  • Cooperation with local health insurance companies, child benefit services, public authorities, etc.
  • Compilation of enrolment statistics

  • Support with financial aid schemes
  • Building administration
  • Enrolment certificates, tutor contracts and payroll processing
  • Diploma supplements and transcripts of records

Profilbild von Corina Weise
Corina Weise

+49 341 3062 289

  • Certificates and diplomas
  • Administration, publication, and information desk for grades
  • Attestations of grades
  • Organises final exams

Examination regulations and forms

Click here for the study and examination regulations as well as entry application forms for your programme at the HfTL.

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Do it online with the QIS portal

QIS* is a web portal which allows HfTL students to take care of things such as re-registration, changing your personal details, printing of certificates, registering for exams, and creating timetables online.
To help you get started, we have created quick-start guides for you to download.
*QIS is a German acronym which stands for the improvement of web-based administration quality using self-service technologies