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HfTL Facilities

Our university features many different facilities which are there to support students and teachers. The following is an overview of those most important to daily student life.

The Examination Office

The examinations office staff (abbreviated to “HuP” in German) is in charge of organising all study and exam matters at the HfTL. They also offer course guidance, publish information for students, and help them with applications.

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The Library

The university library HfTL is operated jointly with the Library of the University of Technology, Business and Culture (HTWK) Leipzig. The collection consists of a large cross-section of the relevant literature and provide addition, information about the "bigger picture".

The library and the administration of your account are accessible for you at the library catalog Kapri. We also hold many advanced functions, so you can compile bibliographies and printed and electronic documents.

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The Computer Center

The computer center is where all the university’s telecommunication lines converge. It is also a place for HfTL students and staff to go for assistance with hardware and software issues.

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The International Office

There is a long tradition of strong international relations at University of Applied Sciences for Telecommunications in Leipzig (HfTL). The International Office is responsible for maintaining these relations. The staff looks after international students at the university and is also there to assist with students who wish to go abroad.

International Office