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University Council


The university council is chiefly responsible for:

  • proposing elections of new rectors
  • petitioning the Extended Senate for the dismissal of rectors and approval thereof
  • the approval of the chancellors nominated by the rectorate
  • making proposals on the university’s finance and development plans
  • assisting the rectorate
  • issuing statements on the annual reports
  • issuing statements on the establishment, alteration, or cancellation of degree programmes.

Council Members

The nine members of the University Council have been appointed.

The speaker is Dr. Oliver Lange, Controlling Manager at Deutsche Telekom. The company is also represented by Peter Möckel, T-Labs Manager.

Deutsche Telekom and the HfTL successfully nominated Burghard Jung, the mayor of Leipzig, as the council’s civil society representative.

The university is represented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ines Rennert and Prof. Dr. rer. nat Thomas Meier.

Council Structure

The Council is a five-member body:

  • 2 HfTL staff members nominated by the Senate (rectorate and Senate members are not eligible)
  • 2 Deutsche Telekom staff members (nominated by the company)
  • 1 civil society representative who is a public figure in the region (nominated by the HfTL in coordination with Deutsche Telekom).