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HfTL Committees

Below you can find information about each of the committees which are part of the HfTL.

University Senate

The Senate is a democratically elected body representing the interests of all groups at the HfTL and is the most important of the committees. Its objective is to provide a platform for where the most important issues concerning the university can be discussed and decisions are made.

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The Extended University Senate

In addition to the Senate, the university also has an Extended Senate, which is responsible for electing the rector and for amendments to the university’s constitution.

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The University Council

The Council issues recommendations for improving the university’s performance and competitiveness.

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University Advisory Board

The HfTL focuses on modern practical education and application-oriented research, which is tied to specific partnerships with businesses, other universities, and the community. The Advisory Board is in charge of making sure these objectives, which are an integral part of the university’s strategy, are met.

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Student Council

The Student Council is a legal body which is run by student and represents and addresses the needs and interests of the student population.

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The Studies Commission

The Commission body is made up of both students and teachers. Its objective is to provide the advice and information required to organise and properly carry out teaching and studying activities. It also issues recommendations for changes to the study guidelines and degree programme contents.
The Commission was created in accordance with the Law governing the Universities of the Free State of Saxony (SächsHSG) from December 10, 2008.