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Best Paper Award

Prof. Erik Buchmann und Prof. Jens Wagner erhielten auf der Internationalen Konferenz ENERGY 2017 in Barcelona den Best Paper Award für den Beitrag "Swarm Algorithms for Energy Allocation in Microgrids".






Microgrids are local energy distribution cells thatinclude energy consumers and energy generators and may or may not be connected to wide-area transmission grids. By balancing consumption and supply locally, microgrids foster the transition to renewable energy sources that are less predictable than carbonbased
ones. In this context, an important issue is to develop scheduling approaches for energy appliances that can be scaled to numerous independent, small energy consumers and generators.
We propose SEAM, our approach for Swarm-based Energy Allocation in Microgrids. SEAM allows supply- and demandside management based on a price signal that reflects over- or undersupply of energy. Together, all individual energy appliances that participate with SEAM form a swarm, which balances
generation and consumption of energy.
Thus, SEAM provides a distributed platform for transactive energy management with low entry barriers for participants and without a third party learning personal details from consumption data. To acknowledge that SEAM works as intended, we provide a formal framework that allows us to derive important properties regarding grid stability.
Furthermore, we describe a model prototype using SEAM. Our prototype shows that SEAM can be realized easily and copes very well with fluctuating energy sources, as predicted by our framework.  

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