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Csound: the language of computer music

guest lecture - The Language of Computer Music

The lecture covers the basic programming and sound design in Csound, which is a programming language for computer music and sound effects, developed at MIT in 1986. Csound is a C-based, free open-source language, able to run on almost every platform. The covered topics include syntax of Csound, classical methods of sound synthesis and sound effects programming.

Student Requirements: Basic understanding of English; at least little practice of programming with any language; music expertise is not mandatory, but desirable.

Technical Note: Students are welcome to bring their laptops with pre-installed Csound to follow the lector’s examples. For better comfort, headphones are strongly recommended.

Dr. Gleb G. Rogozinsky  (St.Petersburg University of Telecommunicatons, Russia)

Tuesday, 8th October at 11:30am in room A0.31


Csound Installation:

Ubuntu Linux: apt-get install csound

Arch Linux: pacman –S csound OR yay –S csound-git

OSX & Windows x64: https://csound.com/download.html

For older machines incl. PowerPCs etc. see Older versions  csound.com/download.html

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